12 Jul 2017

Living Catholic July e-news

Living Catholic e-news  |  July 2017

Catholic news at your fingertips

The Catholic Archdiocese of Adelaide has launched a new online news service under the banner of its flagship publication, The Southern Cross.

The introduction of the news website recognises the changing needs of media consumers and the rapid growth of direct and instantaneous forms of communication via mobile phones and tablets.

“You only have to look at commuters scrolling through their phones on the way to and from work to realise the huge change in the way that people are staying informed these days,” said the editor of The Southern Cross, Jenny Brinkworth.

While the award-winning newspaper The Southern Cross will continue to be published monthly in print and distributed to all parishes and agencies, the online service will provide daily coverage of issues and events related to the Catholic Church.

The site taps into national and international Catholic media sites as well as providing extensive local coverage across all aspects of Church life – from health and social welfare to education and faith formation.

Subscribers to the free online website for The Southern Cross receive fortnightly emails directing them to the new site and they are also able to access it at any time to keep abreast of what’s happening in the Church.

Archbishop Wilson said he was pleased to have the opportunity to communicate more directly with his people by using new methods of communication, including the Find a Mass app which provides updates about important events in the Archdiocese and in parishes.

“I would like to be able to reach out and lead you into a deeper union with Jesus as we live in the world today,” he said.

To receive twice-monthly emails from The Southern Cross news service, simply click on the subscribe button on the website.

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