How can I become a Catholic?

Dear Enquirer,
The brochure below, entitled Becoming a Catholic, gives a basic outline of the initial enquiry process and below that you will see an article called What is the RCIA? which provides a more detailed explanation of what to expect on your journey of faith.

 Becoming a Catholic (Interim).pdf
 What is the RCIA.pdf

Becoming Catholic means undertaking a spiritual journey. This will normally take about 12 months, depending on the readiness of each individual. The process is called the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults, or RCIA for short, and there are ceremonies or "rites" at each stage to signify the steps along the way.
Generally new members of the Church are received at Easter each year. There are normally about 100 people in Adelaide each year who are received either through Baptism, Confirmation and First Holy Communion, or simply received and confirmed for those who have been previously baptised in another Christian tradition.
You may simply wish to make some general enquiries at this stage, and you are most welcome to do so.
You can either:

  • contact a Catholic parish in your area
  • do some further reading on this website. See linked pages below.  
  • discuss your particular circumstances in confidence with the Coordinator in Cathedral parish Fr Maurice Shinnick T: 08 8232 8688
  • If you wish to find out more general information about the Catholic Faith, you may like to try the Catholic Enquiry Centre http://www.catholicenquiry.com/