20 May 2020

Prayers for children and families during coronavirus

The Southern Cross  |  May 2020

Prayers for children and families during coronavirus

During this time of the coronavirus and during any time of distress within the family or within the world, we need to be mindful of our children in all aspects of their wellbeing. We are also mindful of our children spiritually.

The children miss the classroom prayers and liturgies. The children miss the parish faith community and all that this community offers especially through Liturgy of the Word with Children, the celebration of the Eucharist, the parish morning tea and the communion with other people of faith where together, and through each other, we meet Jesus. It is in the family where our children can learn and catch the faith. It is here where we, as the baptised on mission, bring Jesus to our children.

We do not want to overwhelm our children with the enormity of the pandemic. So it is in prayer with the children. Offered here by the Family and Parish-Based Catechesis Office are a few of the possibilities available to integrate prayer with our daily lives and in helping children to realise that they are never alone even when they are sitting or playing by themselves.

Christian meditation as a form of contemplative prayer

‘Perhaps there is no better way of shaping a better future for humanity than by teaching meditation to children, by showing them that they have this gift and capacity within them for life.’ Laurence Freeman

Christian meditation aims to provide prayerful space for children to find God in stillness, silence, and simplicity – or as the Old Testament says: Be still and know that I am God.

For guidance in leading this form of prayer visit the Christian Meditation for Children and Young People website at www.cominghome.org.au or The World Community for Christian Meditation website at www.wccm.org

Family Liturgy of the Word with Children

The Family and Parish-Based Catechesis Office has prepared Family Liturgies with Children for each Sunday during the coronavirus pandemic. These can be found each week at the link: www.adelaide.catholic.org.au/our-works-and-community/family-and-parish-based-catechesis/prayer-services

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