Adelaide Cathedral Parish

Diocesan Centre, 39 Wakefield Street, Adelaide SA 5000  |  GPO Box 1364, Adelaide SA 5001

Ph: 8210 8155  |  Email:

Front Desk and Social Activities –  8210 8155

RCIA – 8210 8155

Sacramental Program and Infant Baptism inquiries: 8210 8155

Lay Leadership and Formation – 8152 7807

Cathedral Music – 8210 8128

Emergency contact

If a priest is needed as a matter of URGENCY or EMERGENCY after hours or on the weekend ONLY,  please call 0417 080 955.


Spam emails


It has come to our attention that spam emails regarding the Cardinal Pell case have been sent to people from a bogus copy of our email address. Please be assured that these emails are not being sent from the Cathedral parish. If you receive an email such as this, please delete it immediately.

Church denounces malicious emails claiming to be from Catholic sources - click here to read media release from the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference.


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