Welcome to the Adelaide Cathedral Parish

The Adelaide Catholic Cathedral Parish is made up of five worship communities utilising seven churches, including St Francis Xavier's Cathedral in Wakefield Street, city. The parish has grown significantly over the past few years as a result of the amalgamation of four former parishes with the Cathedral.

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Stational Masses in the Archdiocese

Event Date: 26 Mar 2019

Eastern deanery: St Matthew, Bridgewater – Tuesday March 26 at 7pm. Host: Fr Alfred Farrugia

Latest News

Jorge's journey to becoming a deacon

Jorge 23rd birthday is one he will never forget. It provided cause for celebration...a time to give thanks for having survived what should have been a fatal car crash, and when he had new-found clarity on how best to serve God.

Letter from Bishop O'Kelly SJ

Everyone carrying the name of Catholic must feel bowed down with some sense of shame and even anger at what the crimes of clergy and Church personnel has wreaked upon us as a community. The strength of the media coverage these days reflects a rightful anger on the part of the wider community at the betrayal which such crimes represent, and the hypocrisy they reveal. It is wider than simply the case of Cardinal Pell, and no judgement should be made there until the result of the appeal. Greater than our pain, of course, is the suffering the victims of abuse have been enduring for many years. To continue to do whatever we can to ensure that such crimes do not repeat themselves, and to do whatever we can to help victims and to purify the Church must be a prime response.

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Pope: God is like those mothers who only need one glance to understand their children