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Welcome Home

Dear Friends,

It is with pleasure that I welcome you to the website of the Adelaide Catholic Cathedral Parish. I hope that you will find useful and interesting information about our Cathedral and churches, as well as the activities of our community.

It is the hope that all people of the Archdiocese will see the Cathedral as their own and as a focus for our unity in faith.

To view our vision and mission click here.

You will see information about the life of the Parish Community. The Adelaide Parish is a unique parish with so many people coming to worship from beyond its borders, and yet the hope is that we can continue to build a strong sense of community.  

Thanks for visiting our website and I hope you will enjoy exploring it. Over time we hope to progressively add new content related to our community, together with the activities, and events in the various churches within the parish.

If you reside in the area and would like to join our community, please contact the Parish Office or submit your information here.

We welcome your feedback or if you would like to see additional information on this website, please send your suggestions here.

Yours sincerely,

Most Reverend Philip Wilson DD JCL
Archbishop of Adelaide

Our Churches

Members of the Adelaide Catholic Cathedral Parish worship in seven churches around Adelaide. For details on Mass Times, other Services for all churches, please go here

For Church Addresses, please refer to individual church pages as listed here:

Our Mission

The Adelaide Catholic Cathedral Parish is a diverse, welcoming, Eucharistic community in Christ seeking to live out the Kingdom of God.

Our Mission in the light of the ongoing Catholic tradition is:

  • to nurture family life
  • to strengthen the community through sharing and celebration
  • to care for the poor and marginalised
  • to encourage lay ministry and vocations
  • to encourage young people in every aspect of our mission

Recently, in March 2011, our Archbishop Philip Wilson has released a Pastoral Letter sharing his Vision for the Adelaide Cathedral parish for the next 10 years. To read more, click here.

Sunday Homilies Video Cathedral and St Mary's Church


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