Changes to COVID directions, weddings and funerals

from 12.01am Thursday September 9


As from 12:01am Thursday, September 9 2021, according to SA Police Communications the following changes have been made to the Activities Associated Direction. 

  1. The number of people that you can have at a Private Activity (at a non-licensed premise) has increased from 50 people to 150 people provided density requirements are met.
  2. However, if more than 50 people are present, you must have a COVID Marshal who is independent and not impaired by alcohol or drugs. There must be an approved contract tracing system and records (COVID Safe check-in).
  3. If there are over 50 people present you cannot dance. If people are singing, they must wear a mask.
  4. Other existing requirements remain.
  5. All existing directions, frequently asked questions and other information can be found here:
  6. If you require further information you can call the SA COVID-19 Information Line on 1800 253 787 between the hours of 9am to 5pm 7 days per week or go to the SA Health website at or


Update on COVID new restrictions in SA

from Thursday August 12 and update August 27


New restrictions will come into effect at 12.01am Thursday August 12:

  1. Places of Worship are restricted to 3 people per 4 square metres. The wearing of masks is still mandatory.
  2. Funeral and weddings continue to be restricted to 50 people provided density requirements are met.
  3. Wearing of masks in parish offices is strongly recommended.
  4. From the Emergency Management Direction 2021 (updated 27th August 2021): ‘Attendees at indoor religious services may sing during worship and members of choirs or chorus groups may perform or rehearse indoors, if they wear masks while doing so.’



Latest information about COVID-19

Read and keep up-to-date with:

Bookings no long essential for weekend Masses and special events

Due to SA lock down - please note this information below only relates to Masses out of lock down period. Please check back for more information later.

Following an update from the South Australian Police on increase of capacity for churches, we are happy to announce that you do not need to book in advance to attend Mass on weekends and special events (such as Holy Week).

We would, however, recommend that you carry a mask with you.

The full details for the direction can be found at: Public activities | SA.GOV.AU: COVID-19

The key points of the directive are:

  1. Where worshippers are in fixed seating the requirement is that worshippers wear masks when more than 75% of the seats are occupied.
  2. Where worshippers are not in fixed seating the requirements is that worshippers wear masks if the total number of persons present at the place exceeds 3 person per 4 square metres.
  3. A mask is not required to be worn in the circumstances where the ability to see the mouth is essential for communication i.e. those celebrating mass and choirs.
  4. An attendee under the age of 12 is not required to wear a mask neither is a person with a relevant medical condition (evidence must be produced on request).