18 Apr 2019

Pastoral Letter for Easter 2019

Pastoral Letter for Easter 2019 to the Christian Faithful of the Archdiocese of Adelaide and the Diocese of Port Pirie

Dear Sisters and Brothers

The world has been riveted by the sight of Notre Dame Cathedral burning in Paris. It is the greatest symbol the French have, and has been with them for almost nine centuries. The timbers had the marks of medieval saws and hammers. There was modern IT and closed circuit television as well, wizardry of modern technology cheek by jowl with handcrafted ancient artistry. It was a Cathedral that spanned the ages, so much of it was reduced to ashes. It will be built again, rising from the destruction.

In a way it is an image of the Church, much of which has been damaged in recent times. It will rebuild through the Spirit and our fidelity, rising out of the ashes of disillusion.

The rising of Jesus on Easter Day destroyed all death and ushered in new life. Christ’s Resurrection rebuilds us in hope. His Body in the world is the Church, the body of the faithful baptised. May Easter continue to assure us that Christ makes all things new, and life is His gift that He gives forever.

Yours in Christ
+ Gregory O’Kelly SJ
Apostolic Administrator – Adelaide Archdiocese
Bishop of the Diocese of Port Pirie

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