01 Jul 2020

Life lessons for seminarians

The Southern Cross  |  July 2020

Life lessons for seminarians

‘Holiness isn’t for wimps!’ That has been one of the life lessons learned by seminarian Anthony Beltrame during the challenging times of the coronavirus pandemic.

Together with fellow sixth year seminarian Olek Stirrat, Anthony returned to Adelaide just before South Australia closed its borders in March and has spent the past three months at St John Bosco in Brooklyn Park under the guidance of parish priest Fr Peter Zwaans.

Anthony said the unplanned time back home had resulted in some worthwhile life experiences and unexpected blessings.

“As I have discovered, holiness isn’t for wimps! These last few months have been challenging, but crosses are always a part of the Christian life. In fact, there is no glory without the cross,” he said.

“Fr Peter was the priest who first inspired my vocation and his priestly example still gives me great encouragement.

“I’ve learnt a lot from how he’s responded to the current situation. There wasn’t any sitting back and feeling dejected but instead he really tried to adapt, make the best out of the situation and find new ways to make good on his responsibility to parishioners.

“For the first few months we lived a kind of monastic life, but in the last few weeks face-to-face interactions have really started to pick up again in the parish.”

Anthony said a great blessing of spending more time in Adelaide had been the “blossoming of family life”.

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